Kivunim Nosafim

Kivunim Nosafim is an institute that offers services in the fields of counseling, assessment, and selection. The institute was founded in Kibbutz Tzora in 1995 by Chana Karni, an expert Social-Occupational-Industrial Psychologist. The institute's staff members is made up of experts in the fields of Occupational Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology.

The institute deals with the following areas:

Employee Selection

The institute offers its services to companies that require testing of potential work applicants for various vacancies (including managerial positions) within each company according to individual specifications. The testing will show the degree of suitability of each candidate to the post, their personal talents, and their individual potential. The testing includes aptitude and personality tests.

Vocational Counseling

Vocational counseling is offered to individuals and groups who are undecided as to their future studies and/or careers. Discussion with the vocational psychologist together with psychological testing to show the individual’s tendencies, characteristics, and specific talents are combined in order to direct the individual to the most suitable fields of occupation.

Suitability for acceptance into Kibbutzim and Moshavim (collective settlements)

Today many rural settlements are expanding and building new neighborhoods attached to the original communities. Prospective candidates who wish to purchase property are required to undergo testing to evaluate their social suitability. Kivunim Nosafim is the only institute that belongs to the "Hityashvut Ovedet", has a community-oriented point of view, and deals with all acceptance and demographic growth related issues. The institute's staff knows thoroughly all types of settlements and the processes and changes they undergo. Therefore, the institute performs suitability testing for absorption into kibbutzim, moshavim, yishuvim kehilatiim, and their expansions.

On-Line testing

We have developed a battery of on-line tests that can be accessed through your personal computer and are available in numerous languages. This allows users to undergo testing without having to travel to our offices. We have tested over 6,000 people, and our results provide an accurate assessment of the candidate's suitability for the posts or settlement in question.

Lectures and Seminars

The institute is now running a series of seminars ranging from career choice and job hunting to preparing people for a meaningful retirement. The counseling is professional and observes total discretion in a friendly environment. Parking is plentiful and free.

In 2008 we opened another branch of Kivunim Nosafim in the north of Israel, which is now in Tivon.

For further details concerning any of our activities, please contact us.

Kivunim-nosafim: 02-9908662


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